– Second-generation native of Tallahassee with extensive knowledge of the
local geography, culture and housing climate
– Trained by Chip Perkins, a 25-year veteran Tallahassee Realtor and
mentored by Virginia Glass, a top–producing, locally renowned Realtor
– Business-minded, computer-savvy and armed with a marketing degree,
facilitating optimal effectiveness in design and implementation of marketing
campaign to sell properties
– Full-time residential Realtor since 2003; On the job 24 hours a day/7 days
a week with full career support of family and friends
– Highly skilled at numerous types of photography and transaction
management software, which allows for ease of distribution of marketing
materials, offer/contract information and updates through various media
including video tours, e-signing and e-faxing
– Experience with over 300 transactions, allowing for expert guidance of
clients through the entire … Show More

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